5 Broken Cameras on BBC 4

5-Broken-CamerasWorldView-funded 5 Broken Cameras has had it’s UK broadcast premiere on BBC 4 and is still available on iPlayer.

The Oscar-nominated and Emmy award-winning documentary has screened at numerous international festivals, was broadcast on BBC 4, Monday 3 March, 10.30pm.

The film follows Emad Burnat, when, in 2005, he gets his first camera when his son is born. At the same time in his village of Bil’in, Palestine, a separation barrier is being built – and the villagers begin to resist. Burnat, a self-taught cameraman, begins to film this non-violent struggle, which is led by two of his best friends, while at the same time recording the growth of his son. Soon, the struggle begins to affect his life. Daily arrests, violent attacks, deaths, night raids and the bulldozing of olive trees scare his family. He, his friends and brothers are variously shot or arrested. One camera after another used to document these events is destroyed in the conflict.

Eventually Burnat joins forces with an Israeli filmmaker, Guy Davidi, and together the two filmmakers have created a powerful piece of work – where each camera unfolds a chapter in Burnat’s story.

“If you are wounded you will always remember your wound, even after it has healed. But what if you are injured again and again… you forget your scars. But the camera remembers, and so I film to heal,” says Emad Burnat.

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