WorldView awards grants at Durban FilmMart

After a successful Durban FilmMart, we are pleased to announce that we have awarded development grants to two projects as part of the WorldView partnership with FilmMart.

Grants of €2,500 each went to Unearthed, directed by Jolynn Minnaar and produced by Dylan Voogt, and Parole Camp, directed by Maanda Ntfandeni.

Unearthed (trailer above) explores fracking, the controversial gas extraction method. The documentary exposes the realities for local communities affected by fracking in the United States and highlights the implications natural gas development could have for newer sites such as the Kroo Basin in South Africa. WorldView felt that Unearthed provided a rare and detailed insight into an increasingly important international issue. See a trailer with additional material.

Parole Camp, directed by South African Maanda Ntfandeni, is a raw, ground-breaking documentary looking at young offenders in a rehabilitation programme. It is a Talent Campus Durban/Doc Station project.

Durban FilmMart is a co-production programme between the Durban Film Office and the Durban International Film Festival, which took place from 19 to 22 July.