A Childish Place

What can innocents teach us about our institutions?

Directed by Tom Slater | Produced by Aisling Ahmed

Tazim, 10, has been president of the Children’s Parliament in Varanasi, India for the last two years. But his term is about to end and a new president will be elected by the children of the city

Hoping to take Tazim’s place is nine-year-old Sameer, a “newspaper editor”, and ten-year-old children’s bank manager, Nisha. Politics, media and banking – three institutions regarded with cynicism in many places in the world. A Childish Place allows a unique opportunity to view them through the eyes of a child, offering a fresh, innocent and challenging perspective.

Using the election as a gateway into their world, the film follows the newly elected leader across their first year in office. The film observes the work of the parliament and its interaction with the newspaper and the bank and how collectively these institutions are used by this resourceful group of children to try and take control of their situation, and make a positive difference to their lives and community.