Alfred’s Free Press

White and black and read all over

Directed by David Lale

Liberia is struggling to recover from 14 years of civil war. In the capital Monrovia, many people can’t afford the price of a daily newspaper. They rely on The Daily Talk – a chalkboard news bulletin – to keep them informed

This film tells the stories of ex-child soldier, Michael; Nathan, a trainee preacher; shoemaker Larry, who has millionaire ambitions; and Kormassa, a single mother – all of whom depend upon one-man news agency Alfred J Sirleaf – proprietor, managing Director, editor and chief correspondent of Africa’s premier handwritten news daily.

Press and awards

  • Winner Sheffield Doc/Fest-WorldView prize
  • Broadcast on Al Jazeera International’s Witness documentary strand

For more information and to hear from the filmmaker, see the behind-the-scenes feature on Al Jazeera’s Witness website