Bukom: The Fighting Spirit

One town in Africa takes on the world

Produced and directed by George Amponsah

Three boxers: two men and a woman, from a tiny shanty town in Ghana fight their way to the glittering rings of New York and London for the biggest prizes in the business. An uplifting and inspirational take of modern Africans’ dreams and ambitions, as they fight for respect, for reward and for their home

There aren’t a lot of ways to leave Bukom. A poor village in Ghana, its main industry is fishing, with a paltry annual salary of $300.

So its young people are fighting their way out – literally. Thanks to tenacious coaches who turn rough street fighters into money-spinning professional boxers, the village has produced several world champions, including the legendary Azumah “Zoom Zoom” Nelson, and is now looking for its next superstar of the ring.

George, 22, is excited to box overseas for the first time, but has girlfriend troubles back home.

Known as “The First Lady of Boxing”, Yarkor is using the memory of her cheating ex-boyfriend to fuel her fire, but is struggling to win her first big fight.

Having already achieved international success, Joshua is campaigning for the world welterweight title, with the help of “connected” manager Vinnie Scolpino.

A spirited look at Ghana through the eyes of those fighting for their dreams.