No Man’s Land

Living in a prison without walls

Directed and produced by Antonio Ribeiro and Golriz Kolahi

A man lives in a prison without walls. Convicted of genocide and then acquitted, he has been forgotten in no-man’s land.

Living in a UN safe-house in Tanzania, Justin Mugenzi a former Hutu minister, has been acquitted of all charges against him in connection with the 1994 Rwandan genocide. However, no country will grant him asylum, left stateless he decides to set himself one last challenge: climb the Kilimanjaro hoping to attract the attention of the world to his plight.

“I have been acquitted by the highest court in the land, above it, there is only God. Yet my whole existence has been forgotten”. The film offers a rare take on the role of international justice seen through the eyes of a key player, who was involved in the events that have led to the last genocide of the 20th century.


“The WorldView fund came at the vital stage at our project, although we established contact with the character of the film, its was necessary to go to Arusha and shoot some initial footage on the story with him, and to meet him in person. Without the early support of the WorldView fund we couldn’t [have] achieved what we have achieved on this project so far”Golriz Kolahi, Producer