Films we've supported

A selection of over 300 films we've supported so far in alphabetical order

Hilary Durman

Producer of Casablanca Calling

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Phil Cox

Director of Bengali Detective

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Guy Davidi

Director of 5 Broken Cameras

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5 Broken Cameras

Each camera tells its own story

When his son is born in 2005, Emad Burnat gets his first camera. At the same time in his village of Bil’in, Palestine, a separation barrier is being built – and the villagers begin to resist

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Afghan Star

In Afghanistan, you risk your life to sing

After Taliban rule and three decades of war, pop culture has returned to Afghanistan. A Pop Idol-style TV show scours the country for the next generation of stars. Over 2,000 people – including three women – come forward to audition

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After the Apocalypse

A region afraid to give birth

Bibigul is a young pregnant woman with what local doctors call a “frightful, defected face.” She is the daughter of Biken, a deformed survivor of a Cold War experiment where 456 nuclear weapons were secretly tested on the population of

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The Bengali Detective

Heartbreak, homicide and dance. All true.

Chubby, dance-obsessed private-detective Rajesh Ji and his motley band of helpers tackle poisonings, adultery and the occasional murder on the frenzied streets of Kolkata The secrets of kolkata’s revealed by overweight dance obsessed intrepid detective Rajesh Ji. Mixing dance and

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The Boy Mir – Ten Years in Afghanistan

A decade following a boy, and a country

British filmmaker Phil Grabsky travelled to central Afghanistan a few months after the fall of the Taliban at the end of 2001. His aim was to produce a cinema film that would explore the lives of ordinary Afghans. One young

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Enemies of the People

A personal journey into the heart of the Killing Fields

‘The scheme provided us with critical funding at a critical juncture that enabled another trip to Cambodia. That was the trip that made the film what it is. So thank you, WorldView!’

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