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A selection of over 300 films we've supported so far in alphabetical order

The English Surgeon

What is it like to have power over life and death, and yet to struggle with your own humanity?

What is it like to have God like surgical powers, yet to struggle against your own humanity? What is it like to try and save a life, and yet to fail? This film follows brain surgeon Henry Marsh as he

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Marathon Boy

A coach and a slum boy united by a dream. Divided by the world.

“I owe an immense debt of gratitude to WorldView for their support of MARATHON BOY. Their commitment to me as a filmmaker enabled me to complete my final filming trip to India.” Gemma Atwal’s dynamic epic follows four-year-old Budhia, rescued

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Moving to Mars

A million miles from Burma

Moving to Mars follows two refugee families from Burma over the course of a year that will change their lives completely. Forced from their homeland by the repressive military junta, they have lived in a Thai refugee camp, some for

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Only When I Dance

Can they dance their way out of the favelas?

One girl and one boy, both black and poor, are planning to dance their way out of one of the most violent favelas in Rio de Janerio. Granted scholarships to train at the Centro de Dança Rio, one of the

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Out of the Ashes

The rise of the Afghan cricket team. From refugees to the world stage

Against a backdrop of war and poverty, Out of the Ashes traces the extraordinary journey of a team of young Afghan men as they chase a seemingly impossible dream – shedding new light on a nation beyond burqas, bombs, drugs

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The Reluctant Revolutionary

An intimate portrait of Yemen as the revolution unfolds, told through the eyes of tour guide leader Kais, an intelligent commentator on the changing times in Yemen, offering poignant moments of reflection, loss, anger and hope on the unknown road

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Sex, Death and the Gods

Married to God in childhood, sold for sex at puberty

“Someone asked me why I bothered to make this film because it won’t change anything and that may well be true, but if we are going to live in the same world as these really extreme experiences, let’s not live

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Slaves of the Lake

The story of two young boys sold as slaves to the fishing industry in Ghana

‘Slaves of the Lake’ is a documentary about Emmanuel and Dominic, two young boys, aged around 10 and 13, whose families sold them as slaves into the fishing industry in Ghana. This film is a haunting journey through the boys’

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Sons of Cuba

From the unseen heart of Havana

In the last seven Olympic Games in which Cuba has competed, it has won a staggering 32 medals for boxing. The world knows the names of the great Cuban boxers: Stevenson, Savon, Kindelan and Rigondeaux, but few people know how

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