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A selection of over 300 films we've supported so far in alphabetical order

Through the Fire

One war, three courageous women’s stories

In 1991, Somalia’s central government collapsed in the face of insurrection. Millions fled, but some chose to stay. This is the story of three such women who risked their lives to run humanitarian projects that have sustained their communities through

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Living With Aids

The untold story

For four weeks Sorious Samura worked as a nursing aide in a Zambian government hospital and lived with an HIV/Aids-affected family. He used his extensive personal knowledge of the region and the culture to try and find answers on how

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The Cable

A vertigo-inducing journey

More than 1,300ft above the roaring Rio Negro in Colombia, nine-year-old Esteban and 11 year old Daniela prepare to throw themselves over the abyss. Attaching themselves to an old and rusted pulley system they drop over the edge before plummeting

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Bad Weather

Can a ‘brothel island’ stay afloat?

Banishanta Island is home to a community of sex workers in what is one of the 19 legal brothels in Bangladesh. Living on a tiny sliver of land 100 metres long and only ten meters wide in the Bay of

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Piecing Together Rwanda’s Past

Radio in Rwanda plays a hugely important part in getting news to the rural edges of the country. Leading up to and during the genocide in 1994, now notorious radio broadcasts from ‘Radio Rwanda’ stirred up a population to attack

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The Lost Girls of South Africa

Abuse victims tell their stories

As the world’s eyes were on South Africa for the 2010 World Cup, this timely and emotive feature documentary turned a the spotlight on the nation’s record levels of child rape and sex abuse In a country where a child

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The Fade

Four barbers, four lives, one story

This documentary follows the story of four barbers in different countries who cut hair in the distinctive style known as “the Fade”. Set in Ghana, Jamaica, the UK and the US, the film explores the colourful lives of these four

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A Funeral to Die For

Burials are big business

Charity Ankarah could have put her feet up when she retired after 40 years working for the post office in London. Instead she took her entrepreneurial spirit back to Ghana where she now runs a bespoke funeral service catering to

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A Childish Place

What can innocents teach us about our institutions?

Tazim, 10, has been president of the Children’s Parliament in Varanasi, India for the last two years. But his term is about to end and a new president will be elected by the children of the city Hoping to take

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