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Sparks will fly

About The feature documentary, directed by Fahad Mustafa and Deepti Kakkar, is set in Kanpur, India’s former leather capital where blackouts frequently take up more of the time in some districts than hours of normal electrical service. That is why

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Living Goddess

Three girls worshipped as gods; a ruthless King; a bloody revolution

About Living Goddess follows the lives of three young girls who are worshipped as living deities in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. The film begins as a sublime elegy to a private world of ritual, devotion and childish mischief. However,

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To what lengths will a mother go to save her daughter from a child marriage?

In the mountains of Pakistan, a mother and her 10 year-old-daughter flee their home on the day of the child’s marriage to a tribal leader, triggering a deadly hunt for mother and child. Dukhtar (Daughter) is a drama/thriller set in

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Old MacDonald’s Farm

With a family this large and diverse – can you ever simply be mum and dad?

When Don and Christine MacDonald quit their desk jobs in Scotland “for a bit of a change” and move to Zambia with their two daughters, they don’t bargain on ending up with 30 more children

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Miquel Dewever-Plana and Isabelle Fougère

Directors of Alma: A Tale of Violence

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Alexandre Brachet

Producer of Alma: A Tale of Violence

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Alma: A Tale of Violence

A confession from a member of one of Guatemala's most brutal gangs...

For five years Alma has been a member of one of Guatemala’s most brutal gangs, a country today ravaged by an unnamed war. She tells her confession face to face. A unique story, where the young woman’s words lead to

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The Last Taboo

Breaking down barriers and building toilets

Let’s face it, s**t is disgusting. But more disgusting is the statistic that water, and food, contaminated with faeces kills one child in the world every 20 seconds – more than Aids and malaria combined The Last Taboo is not

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Shakespeare in South Sudan

“Receiving the WorldView Project Development Fund award allowed us to work with an excellent editor and produce an exciting taster clip to show commissioners. It was also a great boost to the project to be associated with an organization that

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