Films we've supported

A selection of over 300 films we've supported so far in alphabetical order


Guns and Balls in Kirkuk

About Minefield is a film about war, friendship and the power of football as both a way of life and as a way of saving lives. Adopting the format of a buddy/road movie, Minefield centres on the adventures of humanitarian

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My Brother the Devil

Identity, Brotherhood and Courage...

About Two teenage brothers must face their prejudices head on if they are to survive the perils of being young, British Arabs on the streets of gangland London. Press ‘Slick, Muscular, Entertaining and Emotionally Satisfying’– The Hollywood Reporter ‘Energetic and

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Valley of Saints

Ripples of drama in Kashmir

War and poverty force Gulzar, a young tourist boatman, to run away from Kashmir with his best friend. But a military crackdown derails their escape, and they become trapped in Gulzar’s lake village Waiting for conditions to change, they discover

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Barefoot in Business

Barefoot in Business is a character-driven documentary for international broadcast and distribution that will follow the fortunes of three Ugandan businesswomen operating at three different levels of the economy as they defy the statistics, stereotypes and credit restrictions and go

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Open Bethlehem

A big film about a small town

Open Bethlehem follows Palestinian director Leila Sansour’s extraordinary journey to her hometown – the legendary city of Bethlehem Armed with a camera and a family car that keeps breaking down, she sets out to make an intimate portrait of a

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'The Lebanese kick us to Syria, and the Syrians kick us to Lebanon'

‘WorldView has already turned around the fortunes of this film. We knew we had an amazing untold story and we’d had lots of positive response to the idea and the trailer – but WorldView were the first to put money

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Elephant’s Dream

About Elephant’s Dream tells the story of a group of public sector workers who live in the third largest city in Africa, Kinshasa, DR Congo, where the weight of history has not stopped them from pursuing hopes and dreams. This film

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Dolce Vita Africana

Malian history in snapshots

A documentary portrait of the African photographer Malick Sidibe, and a journey through Malian history inspired by his iconic images Sidibe’s snapshots from the late 50s through to the early 70s capture the carefree spirit of a youth asserting their

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Bukom: The Fighting Spirit

One town in Africa takes on the world

Three boxers: two men and a woman, from a tiny shanty town in Ghana fight their way to the glittering rings of New York and London for the biggest prizes in the business. An uplifting and inspirational take of modern

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