Sari Stories

A group of young women use their video cameras to challenge traditional ways of life

Directed, Produced and Filmed by Sue Sudbry

“Worldview’s contribution, both financial and creative, was invaluable and without it, Sari Stories would definitely not have been made. With their support, we were able to develop the idea and shoot a trailer, which led to Al Jazeera English commissioning the film for their Witness strand”.
-Sue Sudbury


A group of young women in rural India are being trained to make videos. When they turn their cameras on their everyday lives, we get an unprecedented view of life as it is lived today in many Indian villages – a world of child marriage, child labour and domestic abuse. But this is also a humorous and uplifting film that tells the extraordinary story of how these women are using video cameras to help them challenge traditional ways of life and transform their lives.


‘A remarkable film’Rageh Omaar
‘Unpatronising and bold… genuinely innovative and progressive… it made compelling viewing’MIA Jury


Winner, Media Innovation Awards 2010, Best Programme in TV category

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