'The Lebanese kick us to Syria, and the Syrians kick us to Lebanon'

Directed by George Tarabay, Produced by Elias Khalil, Co-produced by Lucinda Broadbent

‘WorldView has already turned around the fortunes of this film. We knew we had an amazing untold story and we’d had lots of positive response to the idea and the trailer – but WorldView were the first to put money into the project. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to start the development shoot and we’d have lost the story. From Glasgow and Beirut, many many thanks to WorldView. You are the supporters who came in just when we needed you most. WorldView totally got what we are trying to do, and made it possible for us to go move forward. We’re very proud to be part of the WorldView family and everyone at WorldView has been a joy to deal with.’– Lucinda Broadbent


Chicken-smuggler Khoder is arrested by the Syrian Army, leaving his son to fend for the family. Wael, 20, discovers what it means to be stateless in Lebanon. A non-person, no identity, no rights, fighting to get his father released.

A creative advocacy documentary, directed by a young emerging Lebanese talent, co-produced with an experienced UK Executive Producer.

This film is in development