Story Tent

Words are free to give, but priceless to receive

Produced in partnership with Docubox, Vikes and Steps International

StoryTentKenyaWe met children longing to please demanding parents, and poor watchmen who guarded rich households with sticks against bullets. We met a garbage collector who had not slept under a roof for years yet regarded his greatest joy as his job. We received prayers from a spirit-filled pastor who used to be a pickpocket and cried with a single mother living with HIV. We all held our breath through the dramatic story of a first kiss told by a girl whose first lover ended up a violent criminal, finally gunned down by the police and listened with amazement as a young man related how his older brother stole his soul. We were transfixed by the surreal story of a girl who dreamt of a blue jacket which became real once she awoke. We met not one, but several gangsters, murderers and rapists. And as these stories and lives unfurled in the Story Tent, we felt as though the tent had become the pulse of the city.’ – Judy Kbinge, Docubox




Story Tent Kenya was a production initiated by Vikes and Steps International and produced by DOCUBOX Kenya. The brainchild of Director Benjamin Oroza, Story Tent had already set up tents and collected real stories from people in Finland, Bolivia, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The success of the previous shoots and richness of stories informed the need to widen the scope of Story Tent, thus bringing the same concept to Nairobi, Kenya and Kibera in particular with a view to travelling to even more African countries for a series of films entitled Voices of Africa.




‘ This is an invitation for you to step inside just as you are! Come visit Story Tent and share a story – any story from your life – with us. It might be embarrassing, seem small or unimportant to you, but it’s not! As weird, wonderful, exciting, touching, or profound as your story may be, it is a gift to your contemporaries and the generations to come. ‘