The Lost Girls of South Africa

Abuse victims tell their stories

Directed by Deborah Shipley | Produced by Brian Woods and Xoliswa Sithole

As the world’s eyes were on South Africa for the 2010 World Cup, this timely and emotive feature documentary turned a the spotlight on the nation’s record levels of child rape and sex abuse

In a country where a child is raped every three minutes, and where Aids continues to spread with epidemic ferocity, the film follows four girls aged 11 to 13 as they struggle to come to terms with the crimes committed against them and fight the social stigma that comes with the abuse.

Each girl tells a different story, but Ntombi, Fuzeka, Gretchen and Nozuko all face the same daily challenges as they encounter the realities of the South African justice system. The tragic impact of the abuse on their lives is made only more painful when the society in which they live sometimes seeks to condone the crimes against them.

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Our best, most committed documentary-maker… a good example of the drive to inform, alive and kicking… Maggie Brown, The Guardian

Truly harrowing David Chater, The Times

This gruelling documentary patiently and sensitively explores some of the human consequences of these resoundingly grim statistics Time Out


Bafta Nominated
Human Rights Award Nominated
One World Award Nominated