The Love Commandos

Directed by Miriam Lyons

Love Commandos - LC (2)
Imagine you’re in India and you’re in love. The law says you have the right to marry the person of your choice but your parents say you don’t. To avoid a forced marriage to someone else, you decide to elope. Your parents call the police. Rather than upholding the law, the police side with your parents who then threaten to kill you. The police agree, saying its far better you die than bring shame on your family. Who do you call?

The Love Commandos.

The group uses guerrilla tactics to rescue young women from being murdered by their families and help them marry the men they truly love. Enraged by India’s failure to protect lovers and emboldened to do so themselves, what started as a group of friends is rapidly becoming a national movement.

This is their story.


“Worldview’s seed funding was a springboard which came exactly the right time for my project. I’d just had some interest from a broadcaster and Marion and the team acted swiftly to enable me to get out to India quickly to develop the story, strengthen my relationships and shoot a development taster. It has been a real pleasure working with people who are as passionate about docs as I am and I can’t thank Worldview enough for their support in propelling my film forward” Miriam Lyons, Director.