Through the Fire

One war, three courageous women’s stories

Directed by Eunice Lau | Produced by Arthur Nazaryan and Sarah Winfield

In 1991, Somalia’s central government collapsed in the face of insurrection. Millions fled, but some chose to stay. This is the story of three such women who risked their lives to run humanitarian projects that have sustained their communities through decades of conflict

For many years, Nobel Peace nominee Dr Hawa Abdi has been a beacon of hope for 90,000 Somalis who find refuge on her ancestral land.

Ilwad Elman returned to war-torn Mogadishu, aged 19, to continue the work of her father, a human rights activist assassinated for getting child soldiers off the streets and into schools.

After witnessing the destruction of her homeland, the former First Lady of Somaliland, Edna Adan, returned to Hargeisa to build a hospital out of the rubble.

Through the Fire shows how these three extraordinary women helped hold their country together in its darkest hour.

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The film premiered in the UK at We the Peoples Film Festival in London on 20 November 2013. Click here to find out more about upcoming screenings


“The involvement of WorldView in this project has been critical to bringing it to fruition. The funding provided also enabled us to research and develop a number of stories later released through the media. Without this support, the project would simply never have happened.” Sarah Winfield, producer