A musical journey with Gilberto Gil

Directed by Pierre-Yves Borgeaud | Produced by Emmanuel Getaz

After decades of sold out shows and international recognition, Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil embarks on a new kind of world tour through the southern hemisphere

From Bahia, Gil travels to the land of the Aborigines of Australia and the townships of South Africa, ending in the Brazilian Amazon region. With the same passion, Gil continues the work he began as Brazil’s first black minister of culture – promoting the power of cultural diversity in a globalised world and sharing his vision for our future: a diverse, interconnected planet filled with hope, exchange, and of course – music!

Viramundo website

World premiere

Viramundo debuted at the Visions du Réel Film Festival, Nyon, Switzerland, on 20 April 2013.


By funding the editing of a rough cut version of the English version of Viramundo in order to present it to BBC4, WorldView has helped us a lot to get a first feedback from one of the very important TV channels for this film Emmanuel Getaz, producer