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Alma: A Tale of Violence

A confession from a member of one of Guatemala's most brutal gangs...

For five years Alma has been a member of one of Guatemala’s most brutal gangs, a country today ravaged by an unnamed war. She tells her confession face to face. A unique story, where the young woman’s words lead to

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Bad Weather

Can a ‘brothel island’ stay afloat?

Banishanta Island is home to a community of sex workers in what is one of the 19 legal brothels in Bangladesh. Living on a tiny sliver of land 100 metres long and only ten meters wide in the Bay of

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Barefoot in Business

Barefoot in Business is a character-driven documentary for international broadcast and distribution that will follow the fortunes of three Ugandan businesswomen operating at three different levels of the economy as they defy the statistics, stereotypes and credit restrictions and go

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Before the Flood

Small island. Big problems

An epic story on a personal scale of the low-lying Pacific island of Tuvalu, a nation fast disappearing as the sea level rises. What does a country do when the earth beneath its feet begins to disappear?

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Bukom: The Fighting Spirit

One town in Africa takes on the world

Three boxers: two men and a woman, from a tiny shanty town in Ghana fight their way to the glittering rings of New York and London for the biggest prizes in the business. An uplifting and inspirational take of modern

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Marriage and divorce through the lens

Moroccan divorcee Khadija works as a camerawoman at weddings in Casablanca. Her mother and brother strongly disagree with her choice of occupation and want her to quit. They’re already ashamed enough that Khadija, the mother of an 11-year old son,

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Casablanca Calling

Can a group of women leaders change Morocco?

Casablanca Calling is the story of a quiet social revolution in Morocco. In a country where over 60% of women have never been to school, a new generation of women have started work as official Muslim leaders. They are called Morchidat or

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Cutting the Girls

A quest to stamp out female genital mutilation

In 2003 two Kurdish filmmakers began exposing the hidden practice of female genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan. It was the start of a ten-year odyssey through villages in the region. Filmmakers Nabaz Ahmed and Sama Fariq, with the help of

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Over the course of more than three years director Camilla Nielsson has been up close in the inner circles of politics in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. With the process of creating Zimbabwe’s new constitution as the film’s narrative backbone, DEMOCRATS tells

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