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A selection from over 400 films we've supported so far, in alphabetical order

Dirty White Gold

When you bag a bargain, who pays for it?

Dirty White Gold is a self-presented feature film probing into the soft cotton of your underwear, the pesticides used to produce that cotton and the people who perish for your pretty panties. It’s an in-depth analysis, a heart-wrenching story and

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Do Gooders

The road to Palestine is paved with good intentions

  A Thelma and Louise-style road movie journeying into the mysterious world of international aid in Palestine. British director Chloe Ruthven and local activist Lubna embark on a trip to explore the impact of aid on the region. But what

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Dolce Vita Africana

Malian history in snapshots

A documentary portrait of the African photographer Malick Sidibe, and a journey through Malian history inspired by his iconic images Sidibe’s snapshots from the late 50s through to the early 70s capture the carefree spirit of a youth asserting their

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To what lengths will a mother go to save her daughter from a child marriage?

In the mountains of Pakistan, a mother and her 10 year-old-daughter flee their home on the day of the child’s marriage to a tribal leader, triggering a deadly hunt for mother and child. Dukhtar (Daughter) is a drama/thriller set in

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Elephant’s Dream

About Elephant’s Dream tells the story of a group of public sector workers who live in the third largest city in Africa, Kinshasa, DR Congo, where the weight of history has not stopped them from pursuing hopes and dreams. This film

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Enemies of the People

A personal journey into the heart of the Killing Fields

‘The scheme provided us with critical funding at a critical juncture that enabled another trip to Cambodia. That was the trip that made the film what it is. So thank you, WorldView!’

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Escape from Luanda

Follow the fate of music students in one of the world's poorest countries

Escape from Luanda is a unique snapshot of Angola – a country that remains far away from the public eye in the West, despite its major role in exporting oil and diamonds to the US and China, and a civil

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Even When I Fall

Kathmandu’s acrobats make a stand against slavery

As landmark elections spread political unrest across Kathmandu, something unique is happening. A group of circus artists are reclaiming skills that once came at a gravely high cost. Former child slaves in Indian big tops, they are now free –

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Finding Family

An orphan’s search for answers

Born in Sarajevo with water on the brain, Oggi was abandoned at birth and given just months to live. But 27 years on, against the odds and thanks to the kindness of strangers, he is alive and well and living

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