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A selection from over 400 films we've supported so far, in alphabetical order

Murder on the Lake

Henry Singer’s gripping film tells the story of the extraordinary life and brutal death of filmmaker-turned-conservationist Joan Root, and of her campaign to save her beloved Lake Naivasha in Kenya. Who killed Joan Root? Was it the fish poachers, whom

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My Brother the Devil

Identity, Brotherhood and Courage...

About Two teenage brothers must face their prejudices head on if they are to survive the perils of being young, British Arabs on the streets of gangland London. Press ‘Slick, Muscular, Entertaining and Emotionally Satisfying’– The Hollywood Reporter ‘Energetic and

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Ndiyindoda: I am a Man

The ceremonial transition to manhood is time honoured but can have tragic consequences.

‘My career has rocketed into the international stratosphere, I have worked with some of the Emmy and BAFTA award winning documentary film producers in the world. This was the opportunity afforded to me by the CBA/World View grant, on my first

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No Fire Zone

An investigation and call to action for Sri Lanka's killing fields

This explosive feature documentary exposes some of the worst war crimes of the 21st century No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka has renewed international controversy over the issue of accountability in Sri Lanka at its premiere at

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No Man’s Land

Living in a prison without walls

A man lives in a prison without walls. Convicted of genocide and then acquitted, he has been forgotten in no-man’s land. Living in a UN safe-house in Tanzania, Justin Mugenzi a former Hutu minister, has been acquitted of all charges

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Only When I Dance

Can they dance their way out of the favelas?

One girl and one boy, both black and poor, are planning to dance their way out of one of the most violent favelas in Rio de Janerio. Granted scholarships to train at the Centro de Dança Rio, one of the

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Open Bethlehem

A big film about a small town

Open Bethlehem follows Palestinian director Leila Sansour’s extraordinary journey to her hometown – the legendary city of Bethlehem Armed with a camera and a family car that keeps breaking down, she sets out to make an intimate portrait of a

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Out of the Ashes

The rise of the Afghan cricket team. From refugees to the world stage

Against a backdrop of war and poverty, Out of the Ashes traces the extraordinary journey of a team of young Afghan men as they chase a seemingly impossible dream – shedding new light on a nation beyond burqas, bombs, drugs

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Paa Joe & the Lion

Ghana’s Godfather of fantasy coffins

Can Ghana’s greatest fantasy coffin-maker save his legacy and take the art world by storm? Paa Joe is an artist and pioneer of fantasy coffin craft. He was apprentice to the man who started it all, his uncle, Kane Kwei.

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