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A selection from over 400 films we've supported so far, in alphabetical order

Piecing Together Rwanda’s Past

Radio in Rwanda plays a hugely important part in getting news to the rural edges of the country. Leading up to and during the genocide in 1994, now notorious radio broadcasts from ‘Radio Rwanda’ stirred up a population to attack

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Poster Boy

Behind the images that sparked the Arab revolution

Poster Boy explores the person behind the images that sparked the Arab Spring revolution in Egypt. In 2010 the images of Khaled Said before and after his murder by the secret police were posted on Facebook, beginning the protests that

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Sparks will fly

About The feature documentary, directed by Fahad Mustafa and Deepti Kakkar, is set in Kanpur, India’s former leather capital where blackouts frequently take up more of the time in some districts than hours of normal electrical service. That is why

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Red Wedding

Will justice be done?

Between 1975 and 1979, at least 250,000 Cambodian women were forced into marriages by the Khmer Rouge. Noces Rouges (Red Wedding) is the story of one of its victims, Pen Sochan, who pits her humanity against an ideology and a

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Rocking Cambodia: Rise of a Pop Diva

A musical odyssey of intergalactic dimensions

In a Phnom Penh karaoke bar in 2009 Australian musician Julien Poulson hears the extraordinary voice of poor village girl Srey Thy. The result is romance and the birth of the Rocking Cambodia, a thrilling musical explosion that wows audiences

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Rwanda 17

Healing a Nation

About RWANDA-17 is a compelling African success story, told through the inspirational journey of its youngest rising stars: the Rwandan Under 17 football team. Born just after the 1994 genocide, they overcame enormous odds to qualify for the 2011 Under-17

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Sari Stories

A group of young women use their video cameras to challenge traditional ways of life

“Worldview’s contribution, both financial and creative, was invaluable and without it, Sari Stories would definitely not have been made. With their support, we were able to develop the idea and shoot a trailer, which led to Al Jazeera English commissioning

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Sex, Death and the Gods

Married to God in childhood, sold for sex at puberty

“Someone asked me why I bothered to make this film because it won’t change anything and that may well be true, but if we are going to live in the same world as these really extreme experiences, let’s not live

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Shakespeare in South Sudan

“Receiving the WorldView Project Development Fund award allowed us to work with an excellent editor and produce an exciting taster clip to show commissioners. It was also a great boost to the project to be associated with an organization that

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