IDFA WorldView Summer School starts

de Brakke Grond

We are pleased to announce the sixth edition of the IDFA WorldView Summer School, which takes place July 1-6, 2013. 16 projects from participants all over the world will be put through the Summer School, ranging from archive-driven narratives and personal accounts to stories shot in a cinema vérité style.

Our filmmaking consultant Phil Cox will be there to support and advise each project about selection for WorldView funding.

Seven of the 16 projects have received a contribution by the IDFA Bertha Fund, which supports documentary filmmakers in developing countries. The fund will increase this support by facilitating the participation in the Summer School for these projects.

Of the selected projects, nine are at script stage, while the other seven are in the process of being edited. The selection includes projects from all over the world, dealing with very diverse subjects. Guitar School (India/Pakistan) is a ‘rockumentary’ which deals with the founder and students of two music schools in Pakistan set in a climate of censorship, while Fatherland (South Africa) follows a group of teenage boys who spend nine life-changing days on a right-wing military summer camp, and The Shadow Lawyers (Egypt) focuses on four young lawyers working with different NGOs and human rights centres in Egypt.

The During the Summer School, which will take place in Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, the participants will be tutored by a team of eight international documentary professionals. This year the tutors are:

Emma Davie (director, Scotland), Michael Madsen (director, Denmark), Kate Townsend (BBC, England), Iikka Vehkalahti (YLE, Finland) and Peter Wintonick (producer, Canada)

Menno Boerema (editor, the Netherlands), Danniel Danniel (editor, the Netherlands), Jesper Osmund (editor, Denmark)

IDFAcademy and the IDFA WorldView Summer School
Both IDFAcademy during IDFA and the Summer School aim to develop the skills of first or second time documentary filmmakers from all over the world. Where IDFAcademy deals with general aspects of the documentary profession, the Summer School focuses on building the narrative structure of the selected projects in editing or script stage.

Image: the Summer School venue, de Brakke Grond