Judgement in Hungary wins CEI award

TFF 2014Eszter Hajdú, director of Judgement in Hungary has won the CEI Award (3.000 EUR) at the Trieste Film Festival where the film had it’s Italian premiere.

Her documentary is about the trial of a group of Hungarian rightwing extremists who in 2008 and 2009, committed a series of random attacks on members of the Roma community. Six people were killed, including a child, and five were injured. The trial of the four accused lasted two-and-a-half years, and the verdict was passed in August 2013.

Director Eszter Hajdú filmed the trial and condensed it to create an oppressive “Kammerspielfilm” starring the cold-blooded suspects, an irritable judge and the victims’ families.

The Prize was presented by CEI Deputy Secretary General, Erik Csernovitz, during the awarding ceremony which took place on 22 January.

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