New cooperation between IDFA and WorldView

WorldView are delighted to have set up a cooperation with IDFA and the Jan Vrijman Funds.

WorldView has supported the participation of eight Jan Vrijman Fund projects in the IDFAcademy Summer School, which took place from 18 to 23 June in Amsterdam. Phil Cox (WorldView consultant) attended to help and support in the process and came away amazed by the quality of the stories.

Following the Summer School, the makers of the eight Jan Vrijman Fund projects will be asked to submit the new version of their projects to WorldView. A grant worth up to £ 10,000 (€ 12,340) will then be awarded to one of the participating projects. In the case that two projects are eligible for the grant, this amount will be shared by the two projects.

This year, the Summer School is being organised for the fifth time and, is geared to the development of emerging documentary talent. While the IDFAcademy focuses more on various aspects of the documentary field, in the Summer School concrete work is done on the narrative structure of the selected projects.

A total of sixteen projects were selected, half of which have previously received support from the Jan Vrijman Fund. 25 participants attended from around the globe, including Colombia, Morocco, Rwanda, Kenya and Iran.

As well as Phil Cox – The Summer School was mentored by eight international experts from the documentary world, including director Gianfranco Rosi (Italy), producer Christian Popp (France), editor Danniel Danniel (the Netherlands) and director Coco Schrijber (the Netherlands).