Sean McAllister meets Michael Moore

WorldView funded film ‘The Reluctant Revolutionary’ had its first US Screening earlier this month at the 8th Annual Traverse City Film Festival, with Director Sean McAllister making appearances at the screenings.  The six-day cinema celebration, founded and run by filmmaker Michael Moore, was said to be a huge success;

WorldView funded Director Sean McAllister (left) with Michael Moore (right)

“This has most certainly been the best year yet,” Moore added. “Everything I’m hearing from people on the street is how smooth and exciting the festival was. It’s hard to find any complaints so I may have to come up with one just to keep things in balance.”

Festival films from every continent except Antarctica were shown. In all, there were 93 features and 117 short films. Sean met with Michael Moore at the festival, who had nothing but praise for the Director. To see footage of Micheal talking about Sean’s WorldView funded film ‘The Reluctant Revolutionary’, click the link below!

Michael Moore Speaks…