The Devil’s Lair arrives in the UK

The_Devils_Lair_2.470x264WorldView-funded film The Devil’s Lair will have it’s UK premiere on 13 March in London, at Richmix cinema as part of DocHouse Thursdays. The film has also been selected for the 3rd Luxor African Film Festival which will take place 18-24 March in Luxor, Egypt a

The film is set in a world where conflicting forces are struggling to regulate the illicit drug supply market among the working class communities of the Cape Flats in Cape Town, an area infamous for one of the highest murder rates in the world.

The film has also recently been nominated for Best Documentary Feature, Best Cinematography and Best Editing for this year’s South African Film and Television Awards. 

For more information about the film and upcoming screenings, go to The Devil’s Lair Facebook page