The Landmine Girls scheduled broadcast

The Landmine GirlsThe Landmine Girls by new director Emma Fry is due to be broadcast on the Community Channel in June.

Emma was the winner of the WorldView Community Channel Live Pitch at the 2012 Sheffield Doc Fest, receiving a £10,000 grant to finance her film plus mentorship from a WorldView Director. Her completed film will be broadcast on Saturday 8th June at 8.30pm, Sunday 9th June at 5.30am, and Saturday 29th June at 9.40pm.

The Landmine Girls is a documentary exploring the aftermath of the horrific Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, through the eyes of those who are living with the consequences. The film follows two young girls, Sinna and Sreymom, who work to clear the landmines from their country and improve the quality of life for future generations.

As a principal sponsor of the festival, WorldView will be in attendance once again at the 2013 Sheffield DocFest. To find out more, click here.