The World Before Her in cinemas June 6

The_World_Before_Her_1WorldView-supported The World Before Her will begin its tour of Indian cinemas from June 6.

The film, directed by Nisha Pahuja, follows two women on completely different divergent paths in the new, modernising India. One wants to become Miss India, the other is a fierce Hindu Nationalist who is prepared to kill and die for her beliefs.

After an incredibly successful crowd-funding campaign, the film began a 6-month strategy to screen the film across India; by releasing The World Before Her in cinemas, online, and screening at schools and universities, the hope is that many people will be able to see the award-winning documentary. In an interview with NDTV, Nisha Pahuja said she was delighted about the campaign as it took her a long time to release the film:

“After more than a year of trying to release The World Before Her in India, it is finally happening! I am so thrilled that WIFT [Women in Film and Television] has given us the honour of premiering the film through Cine Corner. Like WIFT, those of us involved in the India release know the impact that women’s stories can have and increasingly WIFT is helping get those stories to the mainstream,” she said.

To find out more about the film, follow The World Before Her on Facebook or go to the official website.