Twenty films for Human Rights Day’s 20th

HR-day-slideThis year’s International Human Rights Day, on 10 December, marks the 20th anniversary of the Vienna Declaration, which created the mandate for a Hight Commissioner for Human Rights.

Of the several hundred film funded over the years by WorldView, so many of them have human rights at the heart of them, as these are the films that have the most to say and with stories that need telling the most.

To mark Human Rights Day, here is a selection of 20 films from our catalogue that confront human rights issues head on through amazing stories – whether is it about criminal justice, the right to go to school, freedom of speech, or the right to be able to choose who we marry. It is but a small sample of the fantastic films addressing human rights that we have had the privilege to support.


Our sister project, Your WorldView, has launched a special season of shorts for Human Rights Day – check it out: #yourhumanrightsday

Slaves of the Lake, above, is the story of two boys sold as slaves into the fishing industry in Ghana.