Welcoming ‘Home’, the new season for Your WorldView

WorldView’s sister project Your WorldView is proud to announce the launch of a new season, Home. Running from June until September, Home will offer an array of funding opportunities, events, and screenings. Your WorldView is asking filmmakers to add their Home-themed short docs to the Your WorldView website, whether they are about refugees, migration, memories or alternative architecture, the interpretations are endless.

Kids in CampsYour WorldView has launched the season with three exclusive films from multi award-winning director, Jezza Neumann. The set of films, Kids in Camps, was shot in the Domiz camp on the Syrian border. The stories offer insight into the lives of three children with different views on what Home means to them. Watch the films exclusively on Your WorldView.

Other partnerships for the initiative include teaming up with Panos Pictures, to show four films about people in Croatia, Jordan, Palestine and Mali – all stories of home, disrupted, and part of the On Solid Ground exhibition. Your WorldView is also working with the Durban Film Festival on pitching opportunities for African filmmakers and content, and teamed up with the Scottish Documentary Institute to grant £1,000 for a winning Home pitch. Add your film and get involved in Home at Your WorldView.

Bedouin tent on home page: Creative Commons/yeowatzup