WorldView is an institutional partner of the Why Poverty? project

Why Poverty? consists of eight one-hour and 33 short documentary films, which will be distributed via broadcasters, web and mobile platforms. The films tackle various issues that concern poverty, including the effectiveness of global aid, education, and gender equality.

WorldView has provided funding support to three of the long-form films, Give Us the Money, Welcome to the World and Stealing Africa, which screened at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in November 2012, and were broadcast by TV networks around the world. All of the films can now be viewed across our websites.

In October 2007, Steps International, a media NGO based in South Africa and Denmark, launched a documentary project Why Democracy?, to use film to start a global conversation about democracy. Ten one-hour films were broadcast across all continents and the project was an unprecedented success.

Now Steps International has launched the Why Poverty? cross-media project to ask why in the 21st century, a billion people still live in poverty.

Why Poverty? objectives are to:

  • Produce narratives that inspire people to think and be part of the solution
  • Involve the best filmmakers in the creation of bold and provocative factual films
  • Bring together broadcasters worldwide and engage with a large and diverse audience through all media platforms
  • Create a global outreach campaign, supplementing broadcasts with extra teaching materials
  • To engage with decision-makers and influencers to find solutions for change

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