WorldView has been commissioning and carrying out qualitative and quantitative research into the UK media landscape and documentary film industry since 2005. This body of work includes studies into the level and nature of coverage of the rest of the world on UK television, audience and industry attitudes towards and engagement with international programming, and the benefits to the public of this type of content.

WorldView research is disseminated widely amongst UK broadcasters, commissioners, policymakers and filmmakers, provoking discussion and debate around the nature and quantity of international content available to UK audiences.

New World View

This report examines the key role PSBs play in providing citizens with reliable and engaging international coverage, and how this content can empower audiences to make informed democratic choices.
Charlotte Jenner and John McCarthy

Reviewing the World

A review of the CBA WorldView project, international coverage and the UK media industry.
Martin Scott, Charlotte Jenner and Rosie Smith

Brave New World Service

A unique opportunity for the BBC to bring the world to the UK.
John McCarthy, Charlotte Jenner

Global Generation

How young people in the UK connect with the wider world.
Samuel Cross, Alice Fenyoe, Michael Wagstaff and Anne Gammon

Reflecting the Real World 2

How we connect with the wider world. A report looking at how UK television and new media portray developing countries.
Sameer Padania, Stephen Coleman and Myria Georgiou

The World in Focus

How UK audiences connect with the wider world and the international content of news.
Martin Scott