Multimedia Fund

A person-specific initiative (CLOSED)

The Multimedia Fund is currently CLOSED

From 2002-2015 the WorldView Multimedia Fund provided an opportunity for established media producers/multimedia journalists to spend up to three months researching stories and programme/content ideas in the wider word.


The Multimedia Fund grant provides an opportunity for established media producers/multimedia journalists, to spend up to three months researching stories and programme/content ideas in the developing world. Applicants may find new stories while ‘in field’ but are expected to have already identified multiple story ideas that would be of interest to a diverse range of UK media outlets, prior to contacting WorldView.

Deadline for Proposals

The Multimedia Fund is a ‘rolling’ fund with no deadlines or closing dates for applications. WorldView will award a limited number of MMF grants each year.

Terms and applications

Sufficient funds will be awarded to ‘make the project happen’ but grantees will not be provided with an income at commercial rates during their grant period. Funds may be available to cover ongoing accommodation expenses rental/mortgage payments at base) while the awardee is travelling.

Applicants should prepare at least one ‘core’ idea suitable for development and submission to UK broadcast commissioners/editors prior to contacting WorldView. Applicants are expected to demonstrate significant research into the area they are proposing to visit and must also indicate a range of potential story ideas suitable for multimedia outlets in the UK, eg. local newspaper coverage, online, magazine features etc. Where possible, grantees will be expected to network with broadcast professionals in the countries they are visiting.

The amount to be awarded is of variable value, depending on the destination and duration of stay, but is offered up to a maximum value of £10,000.

Final applications should be supported by letters/emails of interest from a number of UK media outlets.

Accountability and monitoring

All grantees will be contracted and deliverables will be set including a requirement to provide copies of all broadcast material, a series of stills, a written report and full cost report. Grantees will also be contracted to keep WorldView informed of ALL TELELVISION/MEDIA OUTPUTS resulting from the grant funding. All rights will however remain with the grantee.