Barefoot in Business is broadcast on Al Jazeera

WorldView-funded Barefoot in Business screened this week on Al Jazeera. The film, with the alternate title Ugandan Women Mean Business can be viewed in full on the AJ website.

BIB Benedicta + co collecting straws

The character-driven documentary follows the fortunes of three Ugandan business women operating at three different levels of the economy as they defy the statistics, stereotypes and credit restrictions and go head to head for the 2012 Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Ultimately, this a project that aims to present an alternative and inspiring portrait of 21st century Africa and reveal what it is really like to be a woman in business in Uganda and, what it takes to be the best.  Is it a matter of making millions and building a business empire or simply making ends meet in the face of incredible adversity?

Barefoot in Business is a film from Scrumptious Productions.

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