The deeper the dig, the darker the secrets

Directed by Jolynn Minnaar | Produced by Dylan Voogt

A young South African woman had high hopes for the opportunities fracking could bring to her Karoo hometown. But her optimism was soon shaken when she journeyed to North America and uncovered the hidden stories behind the slick reassurances of the oil and gas industry

Unearthed challenges the assertion that hydraulic fracturing is a safe, time-tested technology and questions whether shale gas is the solution for our energy-hungry world. Launched to challenge all sides of the fracking debate, it is an independent project spearheaded by South African filmmaker Jolynn Minnaar. After 18 months of thorough research, widespread consultation and filming across South Africa, the United States, Canada and the UK, the project is at the forefront of information on the controversial topic. See a trailer with additional material

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“Winning the WorldView award goes far beyond a financial contribution. After 18 gruelling months of research, filming across South Africa, North America and the UK and participating in the polarised fracking debate, the award recognises the international significance in Unearthed’s investigation. This acknowledgement, knowing that people out there, from all corners of the globe, who are desperately seeking information on shale gas extraction and supporting our commitment to getting to the bottom of the contentious topic, is the biggest boost.” Jolynn Minnaar, director

“[The funding] is a wonderful endorsement and we are grateful for the timely support. With more and more countries considering fracking, Unearthed has gained considerable international interest as a project which is set to advance the debate with new information. WorldView, having identified this in Unearthed, will help us reach the many audiences across the world requesting to see the film.” Dylan Voogt, producer