IDFA and WorldView announce Winners

IDFA Winners

We are delighted to announce that Camera/Woman by Moroccan director Karima Zoubir and Red Wedding by Guillaume Suon and Lida Chan from Cambodia, have both been awarded a grant of up to £5,000 each for the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and WorldView Award.


IDFA WorldView Award

Eight projects of the IDFA Fund, who participated in the recent Summer School, were eligible for the IDFA WorldView Award. WorldView decided that the two projects would share the grant of £ 10,000. Camera/Woman follows the struggle of a woman from a traditional Moroccan family as she attempts to make an independent life for herself as a wedding photographer. Red Wedding focuses on a victim of the Khmer Rouge and their fight for justice.

“We feel both films show the highest dedication by the directors who have over long periods remained committed to their subjects and brought great intimacy, integrity and emotion to the screen. Despite working in difficult conditions, both Lida Chan and Guillaume Suon from Cambodia and Karima Zoubir from Morocco, succeeded in bringing a warmth and humanity to their films through wonderful storytelling and strong direction. We believe this joint WorldView IDFA Award will go to help Lida, Guillaume and Karima complete their projects and hopefully reach greater audiences. “– Phil Cox, Documentary Consultant WorldView

The WorldView and the IDFA Fund collaboration started last June. After the Summer School participants were required to submit a new version of their project, after which the IDFA WorldView Award was selected. The scholarship is intended for the production of these two documentaries, during the upcoming IDFA festival.

The films will screen at this year’s festival, which takes place between November 14 and 25. This year marks the 25th anniversary of IDFA and the 15th anniversary of the IDFA Fund.

Click on the film title for trailers and Q&As with the winning filmmakers of Red Wedding and Camera/Woman.