WorldView backs IDFA Summer School

WorldView are delighted to announce they will be providing support for the 2013 IDFA Summer School, ensuring the continuation of the prestigious workshop organised by IDFA every year since 2008.


The workshop will now continue under the new name of ‘IDFA WorldView Summer School’ and will be held from 1st to 6th July in Amsterdam. As well as providing support for the Summer School, WorldView is committed to continuing to back the WorldView Award, which will be presented this year for the second time to one of the projects in the editing phase.

A total of sixteen projects will be selected for the IDFA WorldView Summer School, ten of which will be in the script phase and six in the editing phase. Half of the selected projects are projects supported by the IDFA Bertha Fund  (IBF). The upcoming edition of the Summer School aims to have twelve of the selected projects dealing with stories related to the wider and developing world. WorldView is providing £ 20,000 (more than € 23,000) to cover travel and accommodation costs for the filmmakers involved in making the films.

Following on from its inaugural presentation in 2012, the WorldView Award of £ 5000 (around € 5800) will this year be presented to one of the six projects in the editing phase after the IDFA WorldView Summer School. The winner of the WorldView Award will be chosen on the basis of the versions resulting from further development at the Summer School. The presentation will take place in September or October 2013. The 2012 award was shared by two projects: the Cambodian film Red Wedding – which also won that year’s IDFA Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary – and Camera/Woman from Morocco. WorldView has expressed its intention to commit long term to the Summer School.

IDFA WorldView Summer School 
This year sees the sixth annual edition of the IDFA WorldView Summer School. Like the IDFAcademy which runs during IDFA, it focuses on developing new documentarymaking talents. While IDFAcademy explores various more general aspects of documentary making, work at the IDFA WorldView Summer School focuses specifically on the narrative structure of the selected projects.WorldView will be providing support for the 2012 IDFA Summer School, ensuring the continuation of the Workshop organised by IDFA since 2008. The workshop will continue under the name IDFA WorldView Summer School held from 1st to 6th July in Amsterdam.