Dirty White Gold releases taster

Farmers in Vidarbha spraying cotton fields with pesticidesLeah Borromeo’s The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold now has a taster available online.

The film is a self-presented feature film probing into the cotton industry and looks at the impact the fashion industry has on people’s lives in India. The journey starts with the official data that states nearly 300,000 Indian Farmers have killed themselves to escape debt.

In an interview with India’s Wall Street Journal, Borromeo states that the film is not trying to come up with a ‘magic formula’ but is looking for accountability: ‘I’m not out to make a film that perpetuates what Adam Curtis calls ‘Oh Dearism,’ where someone sees a film or a news story about some misery in the world and after watching says ‘oh dear,’ then does nothing. Guilt doesn’t do anyone any good. What I am offering is a very frank, straightforward representation of facts through personal narratives.’

Get the code, watch the taster and support the film here: http://thecottonfilm.com