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A selection of over 300 films we've supported so far in alphabetical order

Lyari Notes

In Pakistan a 36 year old rock star dares to teach a group of girls from the most volatile district of Karachi how to express themselves through music. Testimonial “The CBA Worldview grant helped us get an Indo-Pak co-production off

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Gorillas in the midst of war

Virunga follows the incredible true story of a group of brave individuals, risking their lives to save the last of the world’s mountain gorillas in the midst of renewed civil war and a scramble for Congo’s natural resources

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A Syrian Love Story

Filmed over 4 years, A Syrian Love Story charts an incredible odyssey to political freedom in the West. For Raghda and Amer, it is a journey of hope, dreams and despair: for the revolution, their homeland and each other. Amer met Ragda,

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Fireflies in the Abyss

Even with the odds stacked against him, a 10 year-old boy fights his way out of a life in the ‘rathole’ coalmines, to educate himself.

10 year old Sooraj, works in a ‘rat-hole’. The ‘rat-hole’ mines in the Jaintia Hills (NorthEast India) are narrow strips of coal deposits requiring children to descend down steep, sheer chutes and burrow into narrow horizontal tunnels to scratch coal

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Even When I Fall

Kathmandu’s acrobats make a stand against slavery

As landmark elections spread political unrest across Kathmandu, something unique is happening. A group of circus artists are reclaiming skills that once came at a gravely high cost. Former child slaves in Indian big tops, they are now free –

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The Shore Break

Cousins on opposite sides of the development fence

Nonhle, a young Pondo woman from South Africa’s pristine Wild Coast, wants to protect her people’s land and titanium-rich beaches from an Australian mining company The miners have no road access to the sand dunes, yet the authorities approve a highway that will cut through the community’s

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Judgement in Hungary

The chamber drama of a murder trial

In 2008 and 2009, a group of Hungarian right-wing extremists committed a series of random attacks on members of the Roma community. Six people were killed, including a child, and five were injured The trial of the four accused lasted

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Cutting the Girls

A quest to stamp out female genital mutilation

In 2003 two Kurdish filmmakers began exposing the hidden practice of female genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan. It was the start of a ten-year odyssey through villages in the region. Filmmakers Nabaz Ahmed and Sama Fariq, with the help of

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Paa Joe & the Lion

Ghana’s Godfather of fantasy coffins

Can Ghana’s greatest fantasy coffin-maker save his legacy and take the art world by storm? Paa Joe is an artist and pioneer of fantasy coffin craft. He was apprentice to the man who started it all, his uncle, Kane Kwei.

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