Free screening of Do Gooders

Do GoodersOn 28th January, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign will host a free screening of WorldView-funded Do Gooders, followed by an audience discussion with Lubna Marsarwa.

The film follows Chloe Ruthwen, who travels to Palestine to explore the effects of foreign aid on a people living under occupation. Chloe’s British grandparents and parents were ‘Do Gooders’ – relief workers in Occupied Palestine. The family home was often full of journalists and politicos discussing the Palestinian cause – part of a vanguard of European humanitarians and journalists who sought justice for the Palestinian people; a movement that has mushroomed into a multimillion-dollar industry.

Fifty years after her grandparents made their first trip, Chloe travels back to the region to see how their work carries on today.  She finds a very different picture to the one she’d heard about as a child, with international aid agencies working to an American and Israeli agenda rather than a Palestinian one.

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